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(1) features

Non-stick cookware is handsome in appearance, novel, non-stick, do notpaste, easy to clean, easy to wash, tasteless. Common non-stick cookwaresubstrates are aluminum, iron, stainless steel and alloy. The non-stick layercoating, casting, ceramics etc.. A non-stick coating materials are mainlyordinary non-stick coating and senior Silverstone non-stick coating, goodnon-stick coating can make pot in not completely put oil or just put a littleoil in the case of cooking food, to the modern rich man's disease ( high bloodlipids, hypertension, diabetes, etc.) have a good adjuvant treatment effect of.The cast film is mainly PTFE material, is also the most controversial materialfor some time, but the United States cooking guru Martin Yan told me, they donot believe that said, spent several years did not happen. Film castingnon-stick cookware has fried, fried, stewed, roasted and other functions,normal cooking conditions do not produce smoke, and can not add water. PTFE isthe best non-stick cookware. There is a ceramic coating, but not stickyonly34months, domestic ASD, Supor have such products.

(2) select

Going to the big shopping malls to brand non-stick cookware. Relativelyspeaking, the material body is thicker and consistent non-stick cookware, foodcan be at a relatively constant temperature condition, no loss of nutrients,pure taste.

(3) retaining pot

Non-stick cookware using higher, cannot use the shovel, steel shovelsand other hard objects to scratch the pot body, can not use wire fabriccleaning pot body, can not use fire, do not use cold water to wash the hot pot.


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